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Best Auto Reply Apps for Android

It is safe to say that you receive tons of notifications and alerts on your phone in a day. It may be a notification from text messages or from a messenger app. If you are on a group, and you probably are, you will receive tons of irrelevant messages. There is an option to mute the notification or put your phone on silent mode, but some may find not replying a rude gesture. You might be on a meeting or driving, but the person sending you the message may not now and may think that you are ignoring them. So what do you do then? You could either take a break from whatever you are doing and send a reply, but this may not be feasible every time. Fear not. There is a solution. There are apps on Android that can send automated messages. Here’s how are some of the top auto reply apps for Android.

Auto Reply Apps for Android

Text Assured

This is one of the best auto reply apps out there. You have the option to get the free version or the premium version. The free version is alright but if you want to really have control over the auto-replies, you might want to go for the premium version. Trust me, the price is worth it. With the premium version, you can create profiles for multiple replies and set priority on the sender. The UI is intuitive so you will not have any hard time know where the things are.you can easily create profiles. Right now, only Whatsapp and Messenger is supported but other apps will be added in the near future. Get it from the Google Play Store. Auto Reply Apps for Android


This is another intuitive auto replier what works well with SMS, Whatsapp, and Messenger. The good thing about this app is that the free version has all the thing you will need. The app is ad supported though. You can create your own auto-reply messages if the ones provided by the app are not enough. You can even set a delay time to make the receiver think that it is actually you who are replying to their texts and not an auto-replying app. Get it from the Google Play Store. Auto Reply Apps for Android


As the name suggests, Drivemode is particularly useful when you are on the driver’s seat. The list of supported apps is bigger compared to the previous two apps. Drivemode supports SMS, Messenger, Whatsapp, Slack, Pandora, Google Assistant, Play Music, Player.fm and Google Maps, making it not just an auto-reply app but a full handsfree assistant when you are driving. Find it on Google Play Store. Auto Reply Apps for AndroidAlso Read:



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