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Sunny is working in the Marketing field in an electronics trading company for a while now and is a learning android developer. His interests in technology is the reason he has started writing as guest blogger @ appslova.com. He is keen to write about apps, apps update, software tools and reviews.


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    Great app but its only plays videos in small window. Maybe thats why it streams video faster. I found download very fast but like the author said don’t use it to rip off content owners. Use the app only if your internet connection is slow.

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      Download video to device, play in android media player of your choice. Easy enough. If you’re concerned about “ripping off” content owners, then:
      1) don’t upload it to your channel or elsewhere–*that’s* where you’d really be ripping off content owners; otherwise, merely *watching* the videos could be considered ripping off the content owners–I’ve reported instances of this to the *actual* owners of content when I’ve found their videos on other people’s channels

      2) you can delete it after you watch it


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