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    Balazs Nadasdi

    I know it’s an old post, but I would like to mention a little thing. Google Voice is better if you use english, but Dragon has a lot more language support and better. I never be able to write a normal (not so long and not so short) sentence with Google Voice but with Dragon, it has ca. 90% accuracy.

    I used Swype a lot. Now I switched to Swiftkey but I can not delete Swype because when I sit on my bike and want to write a quick message I need the Dragon based voice typing in Hungarian. When I write an article on my tablet I need a lot of copy/paste.

    Conclusion: Swiftkey is better in Voice Typing if you use English, otherwise Swype is the winner, as I think.

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    Carlos Galvan - Wedding Photographer

    Working mostly in English (and possibly a little Spanish) in the future, I was pretty sure I was going to go with Swiftkey as my upgrade from the free version of Swype. Now after reading this excellent review, I’m certain I will go with Swiftkey!

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      Carlos Galvan - Wedding Photographer

      P.S. Both these excellent utilities are a steal at any price less than $10.


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