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    Thanak you so much. I free more than 2 GB.

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    WOW! I thought LOST.dir was some important file. Guess what? I had 5 GB of junk in there!! You’re a savior. Many Thanks.

  3. 3

    Isthikam Iqbal

    Thanks a lot Clean master application cleaned alot of junk files and got me 1GB

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    how about the diskcache thingy? is it safe to delete those?

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    Erin Sievers

    Problem solved: I went from 0MB free to 250MB free! I have a Verizon Android HTC phone. I struggled with the critically low internal storage error that prompted me to clear the temporary files from applications. I had to go through this for each text I wanted to send, and sometimes couldn’t even take a photo. I finally figured it out last night after 5-months of annoyances! If you have the “Backup Assistant Plus” app on your phone (mine came default and cannot be uninstalled), this might be eating up a majority of your internal storage. I never used this app, but it was constantly running on my phone. I discovered it was using 250MB of data on my phone. I deleted the data, and my phone is healthy again! If you do not use this app, you might want to do this too.
    To do what I did:
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Go to Apps
    3. Go to “All Apps”
    4. Go to “Backup Assistant Plus”
    5. Hit the “Clear Data” button
    6. Wallaah!

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    here’s a picture of what’s going on with me, just got it and it says its out of memory. Can’t install any applications and I don’t know how to do much https://www.dropbox.com/s/8p3gqjs4q6i1tv5/Photo%20Nov%2016%2C%204%2029%2043%20PM.png
    view this photo please

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    Hi! Interesting stuff. I have a doubt though. In my android 2.2.1 the LOST.dir folder has 3 files each named as a 5 digit number. For each file, the details section shows ‘Last modified time’ as ’01/01/1980 00:00′. Is it safe to delete these files?

    1. 7.1


      Hi Rishav,

      I guess you’ve already deleted those files by now. If not:

      Yes you can delete them without affecting your Android’s Operating System. They are just corrupted files in your SDCard and It will be a headache to extract them anyway.

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    Anurag Baundwal

    Oh, man!

    But I noticed that in the app settings…Google search had about 300 mb data…what if I touch clear data?? Help!!

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    Saurabh Sen

    For my S2 GT-9100 device with stock android 4.1.2 was showing system memory full messages all the time with System Storage 1.87 used out of 1.97 GB.

    Following worked for me like a charm
    1. *#9900# typed on keypad — System Storage 1.53 used out of 1.97GB
    2. App Cache Cleaner – free from Google Play — System storage 621MB used out of 1.97GB

    Hope this helps someone.

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  13. 10

    V N

    Your title is Internal storage getting low, and you only talk about cleaning your sd card. This was no help at all!

    1. 10.1


      internal sd…

  14. 11

    Felix Suwito (@Flixwito)

    My problem is the internal storage limit decreased from 8 GB to 4GB. Any solution?


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