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    In the current version of android app, it is not possible to un-hide a hidden chat. This ‘Unhide this chat’ option is missing under the : menu (note: there is no gear icon either).

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    Hi, I’m trying to hide a conversation on my IPAD

    You wrote above that for iOS devices, swiping left will show Call, Hide and Delete options. But when I do that, I only see Call & Delete options. There’s no Hide option.

    Could it be that you’re using a newer version? If so, what version is this?

    Also, if my problem is a version issue, how come my IPAD doesn’t auto-update the Viber version?

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    what if i accidentally hide a new chat with a new number(still unstored on contacts) how to unhide it? i know my 4digit pin. but as soon i select the hidden chat disappears.


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