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    None of those solutions worked for me. However, what did work was this.

    1. Go to the Settings area.
    2. Go to “Backup & Reset” section.
    3. Choose the “Network settings Reset”.
    4. At the bottom, press Reset Settings. Approve/say yes.

    Should be pretty quick. Then go back to your WiFi settings, select the network you want to join, and enter in the password. You should connect fine after that.

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      Thanks a ton! All those dozens of articles claiming to fix the issue didn’t work for me either, but your tip did it! Thanks so much again!

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    None of those listed are solutions. Neither the reset of the Networks. After one day, the phone doesn’t connect to any networks. It sits there trying to search for available networks unsuccessfully. It drain the battery and the data plan. The only way to get WiFi back is to reboot the phone. Not the greatest solution at all. There is at least three threads circulating in the Google forums mentioning this incredible oversight on Google’s part. This not only affects the 5X but also some 6P’s

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      Hi, I am facing a similar issue. I own a moto Nexus 6 running Android 7.0 which I updated around 2 weeks back or so. The wifi was working until yesterday. Suddenly, my phone cannot detect any network. I have tried rebooting, resetting the network settings, rebooting the router. I also did a factory reset and yet no solution. I still cannot see any wifi networks. The phone endlessly scans for wifi but cannot see anything. Please guide.

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        Jesus Daniel

        This problem is in wifi advanced setting set wifi region code on Nougat is missing I caming from mashmallow 6.0.1 and it has this menu and I allways fix wifi error connection in this menu

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    Hi,I am also go the same issue on Moto G 4 Plus..
    Wi-Fi issues in latest nought 7.0 update..It is so irritating..
    Have done he above solutions still problem is not resolved yet..

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    This very same issue happened on my Note 5 when I updated it to Marshmallow.
    I tried every solution I could find but failed to resolve it until an update was launched by Samsung and that sorted it immediately. I had to wait 4 months for that update and spent a fortune on data from my carrier and also a huge amount of wasted time trying to solve the issue.

    Its really unacceptable that this is happening all over again now on my S7. I would have at least expected that the lessons would have been learned form previous mistakes.


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